Eastern Winds

" I am often asked about the meaning of my music . They also want to know the origin of what we hear full and finished afterwards... "

Eastern winds is a full experience trip through eastern countries and his highest "authentic" period, in which art is used to show the origins of each country and its culture.

 In this space-temporal trip we don't travel by bus, car, train or plane; we do trough music and the view that each composer had of his own motherland expressed on their own works.


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Hungary: 1953

The legacy of traditional hungarian music has reached us thanks to Bela Bártok. Endre Szervánsky, his student and admirer, gives us this wonderful wind quintet.

Lithuania: 1900

With the nature and rural life experiences of lithuanian people, Max Laurischkus collects lots of special and life-common moments in his "Aus Lituanen" quintet.

Russia: 1874

Big Motherland Russia had always big artists that defended it with their art. Robert Mussorgsky is one of this mentors with his very famous "Pictures at an exhibition".

(Only in Spanish) Vientos del Este. Viaje a la región eslava a través de su música.
El quinteto DaCap realiza un repertorio basado en la tradición folklórica de tres países de Europa del Este. Esta tradición popular se nos muestra en música de los siglos XIX y XX.
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