He started playing the bassoon at the music school in his hometown (Catral, Spain), obtaining the professional degree at the Conservatory of Murcia. In 2010 he was admitted to Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya with Professor David Tomás and Salvador Sanchis later.

Nowadays he is working in the Barcelona Symphonic Band.He was member of many youth orchestras as the OJRM (Youth Orchestra of Murcia), academic member of OJCG (Orquesta Ciudad de Granada) and JONC (Youth Orchestra of Catalonia).

He is currently a member of the JONDE (National Youth Orchestra of Spain), the GIO (Orquesta of Girona), the Chamber Orchestra of Penedès and OCGranollers (Orquestra de Cambra de Granollers), besides being part of the "Barcelona Reed Quintet".

He received masterclasses from Chiara Santi, Salvador Arberola, Guillermo Salcedo, Laurent Lefevre among others.




Anna began his studies at the Municipal School of Girona, where she studied professional degree too, and in 2010 she was admitted to Escola Superior de Catalunya with Professor Jose Vicente Castelló.She is currently in trial in Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, meanwhile she is studying master studies in the Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover with Professor Markus Maskuniitty. She is also academist in the Royal Stockholm Philarmonic Orchestra.

 She received masterclasses from Clavenger Dale, Will Sanders, Hermann Baumann, Luca Benucci, Nury Guarnaschelli, Manolo Pérez and Eric Terwilliger... in many courses in which actively participated, expanding her knowledge beyond academic environment.


Her orchestral experience focuses on european orchestras such as the Mahler Chamber Orchestra (as an academist), the Staatsoper Hannover, the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra (where she has currently an academy position and where she collaborates usually), the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Oslo Filharmonien and the Swedish Royal Opera.



Born in Baiona (Pontevedra) in 1990, he studied in Vigo with Esteban Valverde and Felipre Agell, moving to Esmuc in 2010 where he studied bachelor with Josep Fuster for four years.He is currently in trial in the Norwegian Wind Ensemble, and he has collaborated with Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Swedish Opera or  the OBC (Barcelona Symphony Orchestra) among others.  Also he was academic member of the Royal Philarmonic of Galicia during one year.

Since September 2015 he is studying at KMH Royal College of Music in Stockholm with Andreas Sundén.

During his career at Barcelona he won the Anna Riera foundation scholarship for musical excellence in 2013.

He was member of youth orchestras such as Youth Symphony Orchestra of Galicia, the National Youth Orchestra of Catalonia and European  Union Youth Wind Orchestra as concertmaster.


He began studying the flute in his hometown (Catral), continuing at the Conservatory of Murcia and finally moving to Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya with Vicens Prats teaching him.

 Throughout his career he has had the opportunity to be taught by great musicians and teachers as David Gómez López, Salvador Martínez Cough, Christian Farroni, Joan Ibáñez, Bulent Ecvil, Pablo Sagredo ...

 He was member of youth orchestras such as the National Youth Orchestra of Catalonia (JONC), the Youth Orchestra of Spain (JONDE), the Youth Orchestra of Murcia (OJRM) and the Youth Symphony orchestra of Galicia (OJSG).

 Nowadays he takes part with orchestras such as the Orquesta Ciudad de Elche, the GIOrquesta of Girona and OBC (Orchestra of Barcelona).


Pau Roca carreras was born in girona in 1992. At five he began studying music at the Municipal School of Girona, and at seven he began playing the oboe. Since 2010 he is studying at the Esmuc with Eduardo Martinez.

 He took masterclasses from Dolors Chiralt, Mizuho Yoshii, Óscar DIago, Víctor Ánchel and José Luís García Vergara among others.

 Thanks to his musical skills he was part of orchestras and ensembles with great reputation as the National Youth Orchestra of Catalonia (JONC), the National Youth Orchestra of Spain (JONDE) and he collaborates with orchestras such as the OBC, the GIOrquestra of Girona and Orchestra of Cadaqués.

 He is currently collaborating with orchestras such Orquestra de Cadaqués, the Giorquestra of Girona, the Chamber Orchestra of Penedés, the Musicae Chamber Orchestra, the Murtra Ensemble and the OBC (Barcelona Symphonic Orchestra). He works in the musical Mar i Cel at Teatre Victoria too.