The woodwind quintet

 "THE WOODWIND QUINTETIts beginnins, repertoire and evolution" is a theoretical and interpretative project undertaken by ourselves during the 2013-2014 year.

This research summarizes the life of the woodwind quintet from its beginnins to 1950.

We've taken a look on the original repertoire and arranged music for the ensemblebeing all of them important parts of our program.

As a final part of this project, we focus on The Rite of Spring, as it was the subject of our performance and theoretical study.

This work consists in five distinct parts made by each one of the members of dacap woodwind quintet.


You can check a short summary of each item on the tabs above or download the entire project down this page. You can also listen to the live performance in the multimedia gallery.

El quinteto de viento clásico
El quinteto de viento clásico.pdf
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