Woodwind quintet's beginning


    Corte de Wallerstein en 1791
Corte de Wallerstein en 1791

This first part of the work focuses on the birth of the woodwind quintet as a musical experiment until it become stablished as one of the main ensembles on classical music.


It is divided in three parts.


First part deals with the baroque court's music, focusing on Harmonies, small ensembles with varied functionality.


Second chapter talks about the entire history of Antonio Rosetti's life, famous for his horn's concerts, but not for his chamber works and experiments. In the end of his life his new ensemble arrives to other countries and composers like Anton Reicha and Franz Danzi.


The consolidation of the genre is the last of the chapters and describes the evolution of the first years of life of the woodwind quintet and the development of its own musical language from these two main composers. 

Wind chamber music gained more respect since that period until today.